CaptiveLandscapes.com is foremost a site depicting the most striking images of Ireland, Britain as well as foreign landscapes. Here you can purchase a print or obtain an image for publication. I hope you find the simple layout easy to navigate, fast and enjoyable to browse.

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Exhibition in Tower Gallery
11th November 2014
Game of Thrones
06th April 2014
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Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland has some of the best scenery in Europe and has to be seen to be believed. In particular the coastline is of outstanding natural beauty where rugged coastlines merge into the romantic landscape of deep silent glens.
Ireland Ireland
I believe the Irish landscape has a distinct character of its own. A land full of myth and legend its megalithic structures cover the scared landscape. Cliffs and islands along the west coast are of particular interest to me.
Scotland Scotland
Scotland is a land renowned for its stunning scenery of mountains, glens, lochs, castles. This gallery shows my best work from touring the Highland region and the beautiful Isle of Skye on the west coast.
England & Wales England & Wales
Here is a recent collection of images from the South-West England and Wales. Locations along the Jurassic coast are just breathtaking as is the rugged beauty of Cornwall.