Preserving Important Life Moments and Milestones the Modern Way

In life, there are priceless moments you have to preserve. There are a lot of milestones you just don’t want to be forgotten as time passes by. These kinds of events are something you always want to be reminded of. It could be a promotion that tells you to keep thriving. This could also be that moment when you and your family had your first family portrait. That’s going to look nice when framed and hung on the wall.

But moving towards modernity has made people more creative in preserving memories. There have been so many new ways of doing this now. Some are unique, and others are aided by technological advancements. The good thing about them is these modern methods are mostly straightforward and inexpensive. So if you’re looking for ways to capture your baby’s first words, you may use some of these modern methods.

Here are creative and unique takes on life moments and milestone preservation.


This could be one of the most modern ways to preserve a life event. Livestreaming your event on social media has a lot of advantages. It’s inexpensive, and most of the time, it’s free. Doing this is also very easy. You just have to prepare your camera setup and start streaming your event. So if you want your dog’s first-ever birthday party to be seen by your friends who can’t be there, you can stream it. If you feel alone on New Year’s Day, you can broadcast your party to over 200 million Americans on social media. And yes, you can watch your live stream later because you can save the live broadcast. Now, that’s an effortless way to preserve an event that’s most important for you. It’s cheap, modern, and very doable.


Another good way to show people your life adventures is by filming them. Say you’re getting married. You can still hire a wedding photographer and capture important moments from your most special day. But aside from that, you can have all those moments captured as a motion picture. It’s the best way to document life events like this. Then the editors can beautify the shots and make it look like a film. That makes you have a personal movie about yourself. You can either keep that moment for you and your family or have the whole world see it. Upload it on video streaming platforms and make the people see one of the most important moments of your life.

3D Hand Casting

Do you always want to be reminded of how little your baby’s hands used to be? You can do 3D hand casting for your baby before they grow up. You can order hand casting kits online. The kit should help you start the preservation process, and it includes a hand casting bucket, molding powder, casting stone, and sandpapers. For the best results, you only have to follow the instructions. Aside from casting your baby’s tiny hands, this can also be great for couples. The 3D hand-cast is something you can display as a centerpiece in your living room. Not to mention that this can be a great bonding moment for you and all the people involved in the process.

Email Time Capsule


This may not be exactly a preservation of a present event, but this is cool, too. Email time capsules can be your call to remind yourself of a future milestone that you have to achieve. Forbes did this for their readers, too, and it was a fun experiment. If you want to see yourself getting promoted by a particular time in the future, you can write yourself an email. There are software and programs that cater to this specific task. You can then send this message to yourself and receive it sometime in the future. This is an excellent way to make you remind yourself to keep reaching your aspirations. But of course, what’s important here is not to pressure yourself much. Make that email time capsule a guide so that you can have direction in life.

Digital Journaling

Some hobbies are going with the flow of technological advancements, too. We were so fond of LiveJournal and Tumblr as our go-to digital journals ten years ago. But now, you can do so much more than putting photos and writing about your adventures and travels online. Digital journaling has become more subjective. They’re also suitable for people who want to make their online journals personal. That’s because digital journaling platforms now can give you more creative freedom. Therefore, people are not limited to writing journal entries and attaching photos to them.

Preserving memories are important for some people. With the help of modernization and technology, this task has become more accessible to anyone. This makes most people capable of finally getting a glimpse of their past or future.

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