Landscape Fixtures to Avoid If You Don’t Like High Maintenance

Not all properties are built alike. Take, for instance, the landscaping of a home. A nice lawn can cost less than $500 and feature very low-maintenance features and have the same additional property value of a lawn that took $10,000 to landscape and decorate.

If you’re the type who prefers a low-maintenance garden, however, these are the landscaping fixtures you should avoid.


Even the most efficient ponds will require you, someone in your household, or a paid landscaper to do frequent maintenance. So, if you’re looking for a landscaping fixture that you can simply leave alone, a pond isn’t the best idea. Left untreated, a clear pond can turn into a murky green that emits a foul odor and is a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes. If you’re thinking about adding animals like fishes, you also have to think about their food and upkeep; you’ll definitely not want a dead koi floating in your pond.


Sticking with water, a fountain is also a bad idea if you’re looking for something low maintenance. While a fountain may require less maintenance than a pond, it still requires some maintenance. If you don’t want your fountain to develop algae, you need to keep the water constantly running. This can take a toll on your electric bill, as well as your water bill depending on how much water you add to the fountain.

Seasonal Flora

Depending on where you live, your climate can be good for certain types of flora. But if you insist on using flowers that are seasonal or cannot thrive in your local climate, you could have to constantly replace them when they die out. So, if you live in an area with a hot desert climate, get plants that are durable for hot weather.

Poor-Quality Hardscapes

You might think that you can save a few dollars by switching out good-quality hardscapes for the ground for cheaper ones. In reality, though, you might have to spend more on bad hardscapes.

Bad-quality stones or pavements can easily chip and crack with heat or wear and tear. And when it does, it looks unsightly, can ruin the entire landscaping, may need replacement or repairs, and can be a tripping hazard for anyone who passes it.

Weeds and moss can grow on cracked hardscapes, which is also difficult to remove. During the winter months, cracked surfaces are more slippery as ice can cling to the cracks.

Lawn maintenance

A yard doesn’t need expensive landscaping furniture to look good. It’s simply a matter of how well you or your landscaper can work with low-maintenance and low-cost fixtures to achieve the simple but stylish landscaping design you want.

So, if you want something low maintenance that doesn’t require your constant attention, avoid water fixtures like ponds or fountains. Limit your yard to flora that can thrive in your local climate to avoid having to replace your plants and flowers every year. And invest in quality hardscaping to ensure that your stones stay in good quality for a long time.

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