How Can You Promote Your Brand on Instagram?

Instagram used to be a social media platform where people can share what they have been up to using photos and videos.

With over 100 million active Instagram users, businesses naturally took their promotions on the social media platform. Target audiences can view a curated gallery of products then head to the official store to make a purchase. Features allow them to share their purchase, tag the brand so they can share it to their profile.

You might think that promoting your business on Instagram involves posting photos, adding relevant links and hashtags, then waiting for the conversions to arrive. However, it requires a solid strategy that can help your business grow.

Prepare Your Images

Promoting on Instagram is not about taking any photo of your product then posting it online. The most effective Instagram campaigns involve photos that are educational, entertaining, inspiring, and valuable.

Decide on the theme of your Instagram feed. Do you want something more minimal or monochromatic? Edit your content so that it follows your theme. You can hire high-end photo-retouching services to make sure that your photos stick to the theme, color scheme, and lighting you want.

Create Captions that Sell

Although your media creates the first impression, a well-written caption hooks your target audience. Instagram is not a place for long-form writing, so limit your captions to at least 2,000 characters.

With an excellent caption, you can add context to your media, show your brand personality, and encourage your followers to visit your website and buy your product.

Add a Call to Action

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A disadvantage of promoting on Instagram is that you can’t insert a clickable link into your caption. The only link you can add is the one on your bio. However, you can add call-to-action buttons to sponsored posts.

Work around this limitation by creating an attention-grabbing CTA on your profile. The CTA should encourage your target audience to scroll through your Instagram feed then head to your website if they find something that catches their interest.

Sell Through Hashtags

Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in one post, but that doesn’t mean you should use all of them. Limit your use to five to 10 hashtags, and make sure that they are related to your brand and products.

Consider creating a unique hashtag for your brand. Having one helps you raise brand awareness with minimal exposure.

Take Advantage of Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are posts that are available for only 24 hours. Unlike posts on the regular feed that work around an algorithm, Stories appear based on the most recent posts.

Make the most of these Stories by posting regularly. Advertise your products and show your brand’s behind-the-scenes culture.

Let Your Buyers Promote Your Brand

Word-of-mouth remains a reliable source of a purchase decision. Customer recommendations are all over Instagram, and your buyers are most likely tagging your account and using your hashtag to promote your brand.

Take advantage of this promotion by sharing their posts on your feed and Stories. Doing so also shows your target audience that someone is using and recommending your products or services.

Instagram is one of the most excellent platforms to promote your brand online. You can take advantage of the platform to implement a sound promotional campaign that drives conversions.

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