Looking to Hone Your Abilities? Here Are Digital Skills to Develop

We now live in a digital era, where we can no longer ignore the power of the web. Not only do people surf the internet for personal interactions and entertainment, but they also do so for business purposes. Think of online shopping through e-commerce businesses and digital banking in the finance sector. Consider online learning in education and digital marketing for small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs).

As such, it’s best to learn some digital skills not only for online interactions. These online skills are best for your e-commerce business, work employment, and career advancement. In fact, many big companies and even SMEs have adopted the remote work policy during this COVID-19 pandemic. It appears that the work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid work setups are shaping the business landscape and determining the future of business.

That said, here are digital skills to develop and acquire during this pandemic:

1. Digital Marketing

We can no longer ignore the power of digital marketing in this time and age. Gone are the days when business owners and digital marketers could only rely on traditional marketing forms like TV, radio, and print marketing. Today, they can market their business and promote their products or services online. As such, consider learning digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, and content marketing. These online marketing forms are in demand now and in the future.

2. Social Media Management

We cannot discuss digital marketing without mentioning social media management. And this online marketing strategy deserves a separate section for discussion. As you may be aware, social media is powerful nowadays for personal interactions and business transactions. It’s best to develop and acquire specific social media marketing skills such as Facebook advertising, product photography on Instagram, video marketing on YouTube and TikTok, and networking on LinkedIn. Ultimately, these digital skills can make you marketable and bankable as an employee.

3. Graphic Designing

Graphic design is vital for business and marketing, whether offline or online. This design skill can help companies and SMEs. It assists in promoting products or services and even educating the public. If you have a knack for visual arts, it’s best to learn graphic designing. For sure, many big companies and SMEs will tap your talents for creating logos, symbols, icons, designs, and other visual elements. You will be working with different businesses across various industries, whether for branding, sales, marketing, or conveying messages.

4. Web Designing


Having a website is paramount for every business. This idea applies to both e-commerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores as well. Why? A business website is where entrepreneurs display and promote their products or services. It is also where they connect with their target consumers.

Ultimately, it is where they engage with customers and conduct business transactions. As such, it’s a good idea to learn about web creation and development. On a more specific note, you can learn web design skills such as responsive web design, minimalist design, and user experience (UX) design.

5. E-Commerce Business

Getting into business is one of the best ways to succeed and have financial freedom. As business is a risk, one must take a calculated risk by considering several factors. However, venturing into the e-commerce industry can be your best course of action as an aspiring entrepreneur. You can use social media or create your website for your online business. But it’s best to know how to use e-commerce platforms for your business. Along with this is to learn digital skills necessary for starting and running your business. As such, consider taking online crash courses for jumpstarting your e-commerce business.

6. Online Networking

In line with the e-commerce business, you can start online networking with like-minded individuals and reliable business experts. For instance, you can join an entrepreneur networking group for women to learn more about business and the industry you’re targeting. Such a group usually has mentors who can help you kick off your e-commerce business. You can also collaborate and partner with other entrepreneurs for launching and running a business. Ultimately, you can work together to ensure your overall business growth and success!

At this point, you now know what digital skills to develop and acquire during this pandemic. Consider some of the recommendations above, from digital marketing to web designing to online networking. Also, factor in your educational background, knowledge and skills, areas of expertise, and industry experience. However, don’t limit yourself and explore other skills for your personal growth and development. Ultimately, consider your lines of interest as your passion can be your most fulfilling profession.

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