Cool Things to Bring Your Product Launch to the Next Level

A well-executed launch event can do a lot to impact the success of your product and is a great way to immediately establish a narrative and perception for your target audience right from the start. With the right marketing and implementation, it can also help build up hype for your new product and even create more sales for other existing goods you have. Of course, there are a few things that can separate an okay event from an awesome one, and listed below are some surefire ways to elevate your launch.

Have interactive booths

Hands-on experiences can be way more engaging for your attendees and give them something to want to stick around for. If they like what they experience, there’s a higher chance that they’ll share this and opt to buy your product. That can also be your way to find different avenues to loop in other core messages you want to instill.

There are a lot of ways you can achieve this, from individual testing to getting an AR app development agency to create a specialized app that attendees can use and connect to.

Give out personalized freebies.

People love getting free things, even when they are blatantly given as a promotional tactic. Go beyond that and offer up goodies that can be personalized with their name or a logo of choice, and you’ll immediately snap up an easy way to get your branding into their households and the top of their minds. Not only can this improve brand retention, but it can also create a positive association with your product and harks back to your launch event.

Open the floor in the program.

Another way to make things more stimulating for your audience is to make sure that there is a section in the program that opens up the panel for questions from attendees. That can help you clarify things about the product and generate even more interest. It’s even more effective if you have a particularly relevant line-up of speakers, as it mostly feels like a “meet and greet” event for attendees.

Provide Wi-Fi access


You’ll want to create shareability to get the word out on your product and cater to people’s desires to be able to post about themselves at events such as your product launch. Of course, even with a great space set-up, cool booths, and a banging line-up of guests, it all goes to moot if your event doesn’t have free Wi-Fi for attendees. Having good Wi-Fi that people can securely connect to opens you up to a stream of posts about your event and even live streaming. Plus, inadequate internet access is one of the common boo-boos attendees always hate.

Create a campaign hashtag

Part of generating shareability is creating content and messaging that will stick to people’s minds and make them want to post about it online. A great way to do this is by using a proper hashtag that is catchy and ties into a campaign for your launch. If it’s good, people are more likely to use it and search for it.

Incorporate these elements into your product launch event, and you’ll be giving it that extra edge to resonate with your target market.

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